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Looking forward to the world’s biggest get together in DIY & Home Improvement, I asked a couple of retailers in my international network what really kept them awake these days… and how one can contribute to deliver them the right answers and appropriate tools to meet the challenges.

And guess what, they all seem to be concerned about the same topic: how can we better respond to the customer’s needs from production to usage.

A reinvented Business Model

Moreover, the main reason why top executives attend the EDRA Summit happens to be just the same. Each one of them hopes in Dublin to redeem two major expectations: meet colleagues in order to benchmark the mutual concerns and learn from best practices which inspire them to build further on the corner stones for their local market concerns. As a matter of fact, retailers in DIY & Home Improvement are in search of a renewed business model which simultaneously matches the latent expectations from all the stakeholders. The key issue is to reinvent a model for ubiquitous trade; a two-headed model for physical and digital DIY trade.

The major challenge for Supply Chain

One of the world’s largest key players in logistics, Katoen Natie – with headquarters in the Belgian Port of Antwerp, seems to have delivered a renewed business model for the entire supply chain enigma for DIY retailers such as Adeo, Kingfisher and Intergamma. Pascal Jacobs, Head of DIY Business Unit, will share the model on stage in Dublin. Pascal Jacobs, a highly respected expert in retail logistics, will conduct a presentation which will turn around the structure of nowadays logistics where flows are only focused on direct sourcing and import whilst the model rather should focus on delivering the most accurate process to reach the end consumer as fast as possible. The presentation will challenge the classic paradigm of linear flows with the key message that the future model of import hubs will ultimately match the theory for a customer centric service.

E = mc2

A large Belgian delegation of retailers and suppliers definitely will support the reinvented model and make sure that Pascal’s message will remain visionary in harmony with Einstein’s quote: “ A ship is always safe at shore, but that’s not what it’s built for … “
Gon-éiri an t-adh-leat! (Good Luck).
Thierry Coeman, Facilitator in DIY-Pro & Garden
International Blogger & Influencer