The optimal management of a store aisle, a shelf or a gondola head, whilst mastering the planograms, are daily tasks for the All Fields Team members. Moreover, they install several POS materials to such an extent that all these enhance the visibility and the selling-out.

At the most appropriate moments of the day, Team All Fields performs demonstrations sessions for both the consumer and the tradesman in order to allow them to experience alive the added value of trusted brands.

Several technical installations require specific competences which our techniciens execute with a major sense of skillfulness, in particular regarding the installation of innovative displays, interior concepts or for global installation projects. The main goal is to create a unique experience which allows the end user to imagine the real time result.

The removal of a store, a total or a partial remodeling of an interior concept, all are quite complex tasks which our team members master in an outstanding way, from the very beginning till the execution and follow-up of a project. All these multiple tasks, including stock inventory, are executed during the opening hours, overnight or over the week-end.

In order to fulfil its service package, All Fields also puts its expertise and technical know-how at disposal of the end user as a kind of after sales service. The main goal is to assist the end user at home during the installation of complex products.  This type of support reduces substantially the operational cost for returns or repair and maintainance work.

Located in Rumst, at the ideal transversal crossing between two high ways (E19 /A12) and due between the capital and the metropole of the Port of Antwerp, All Fields operates as a Full Service Partner for Supply Chain Management throughout its warehouse close to 5.000 m² and foreseen with all the required logistic facilities.

Recognised brands relay on and trust All Fields since years