About us


In order to ensure that leading role during the process of change, Team All Fields invests permanently in the development of knowledge and skills of all its team members. Thanks the company culture of ‘Excellence’ we wish to provide our nowadays and future customers the warranty that they may reckon on our full support to ensure an optimal ‘selling-out’ and overall service level.


The trade business of Field Marketing is undergoing a profound transformation process which requires the ability to anticipate upon all these turnarounds.
Team All fields resolutely took the option to be part of that process of change and to fulfil a leading role. The future modus operandi of Field Marketing will cover several dimensions which all will be supported by high technology standards to enhance the service levels. Therefore Team All Fields is engaged to create all the necessary conditions which enables to offer an expertise beyond the primar tasks of merchandising. In this perspective the Vision of All Fields is to remain vigilant regarding all the factors which may steer awards dynamics of change and moreover to remain relevant for all customers as to pick-up any opportunity to foresee a better future for all stakeholders.


The major goal of All Fields for a medium and long period is to create added value for all her stakeholders and meanwhile to provide an intrinsic contribution to the development of Field Marketing in general. Offering added value as a company’s state of mind and philosophy will further on have a catalysing effect on making people enthusiastic and generating energy. Both always will be the essential levers which enables Team All Fields to share its passion and moreover to offer a factor of differentiation.